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Check Out These Awesome Sci-fi Cars Brought to Life!

Check Out These Awesome Sci-fi Cars Brought to Life!

Just got your driver's license? What kind of wheels are you driving? Maybe your parent's car on the weekend? An old sedan that your grandparents drove over from Europe after the war? Well, start saving up, because once you see these, you're going to want an upgrade.

The Lightcycle from Tron

So this isn't exactly a one-to-one adaptation. It has the speed and appearance, but it doesn't seem to leave giant walls of light behind it that other cars crash in to. In the designer's defense, that would probably be super illegal. Otherwise, it looks just like it could be inside a computer. WAIT! Is our reality just a complex computer simulation?! Quick, let's watch the video and then move on to the next entry before things get weird!

The Tumbler from Dark Knight

When you go to the car dealership, make sure you ask for the "Tumbler," which is Batman's adapted military vehicle in The Dark Knight. Don't accidentally ask for a "Tumblr," which is how Batman shares memes and his opinions on the casting decisions for Batman movies.

The Batmobile from every other instance of Batman but specifically The 1960's show

On the other hand if you want a vehicle that looks like something someone with a name as eccentric as "Batman" would actually drive, you can check out this awesome number. Just make sure you have some "anti-ticket spray" unless you ever get pulled over (anti-ticket spray is definitely illegal).

Star Wars cars

So this guy was legally blind for years, and then only recently started to gain his sight. So what does he do? He builds cars based off Star Was fighters and they're the first vehicles he's ever driven. Quite a great start! He's even got R2D2 in the back to be the world's most indecipherable GPS. Instead of a parking app, he just know.

The Mach 5 from Speedracer

So this recreation is actually street-legal. That being said, they probably had to leave off a few features to get it that way. Maaaaybe they would let you keep the wheels that let you jump over other cars, but it seems unlikely you get to have those saws that cut through other cars. The insurance premiums would probably be astronomical.

The T.A.R.D.I.S. from Doctor Who

So this is a bit of a creative adaptation. It doesn't look exactly like the T.A.R.D.I.S. but it does make the "wuuuuuuuhhh-wuhhhhhhhh-wuhhhh" noise, so maybe it's just some high tech Timelord cloaking mechanism. This T.A.R.D.I.S. also looks pretty fuel-efficient. I bet it gets at least forty miles to the captured supernova. Be sure to take a peek at that license plate, too.

Delorean from Back to the Future

Is this one cheating slightly? Sure. Technically the Delorean may have existed before Back to the Future. But don't worry. This is isn't just any Delorean. It's a monster truck Delorean!

That looks impossible to get into.

What sci-fi car would you like to see brought to life?

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