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Check Out These Craaaaaaazy Recut Trailers!

Check Out These Craaaaaaazy Recut Trailers!


So recently Youtube user Bobby Burns messed around with the Frozen trailer to make it into a horror movie, and you can that masterpiece watch that right here:

It's been getting passed around quite a bit on this magical land we call the Internet, but did you know there's a long and storied tradition of movie trailers being re-cut into other genres going back at least a couple years or whatever.

"Star Wars" as a Tarantino Film

Here we have another offering from Bobby Burns. It's probably only a matter of time before Tarantino makes some sort of space adventure that's actually a noir film, but in the meantime, Burns gave us the next best thing. It's amazing what some anachronistic music can do to a trailer.

"The Shining" as an uplifting comedy

This is the one that started it all. It was the first re-cut trailer. Well, more accurately the first trailer re-cut that went viral across the Internet. There may have been some trailer re-cuts that got passed around on VHS in the early 90s, but those can't really be verified so we feel pretty comfortable saying this is the one. As with most of these, the music choice goes a long way, but this one is also particularly great in how it emphasizes and de-emphasizes moments from the film to change the focus completely.

"Mary Poppins" as a horror movie

Like the Shining trailer, this one also came out in 2006. It was a little later to the party, but it's honestly tough to tell which is better. A lot of kid films used to care a lot less about whether they'd be scaring children, and the editor of this trailer managed to just put all of those freaky out-of-contexts moments together. It's a good reminder that the tale of kids left with a mysterious woman doesn't always end so musically.

"Mean Girls" as a horror movie

Continuing with the "stuff as a horror movie angle" and because Mean Girls had its ten year anniversary this year, here we go! The best of these re-cuts recognize the "language" of how trailers are edited and use it to their advantage. Particularly fun is the way it uses the only two scenes of people being hit by buses in the movie to make it seem like this is the way the "Carrie-esque" Cady kills her victims.

"The Dark Knight" as a romantic comedy

This one may have a few too many people falling out of buildings to pass for the typical romantic comedy, but otherwise the beats and the music do a pretty great job of getting across the feel. You can just imagine the scene where they decide they have to break up, leading to a montage of Bruce Wayne moping while Michelle Branch's "Everywhere" plays before he rushes off in his jet to Hong Kong to tell her he made a huge mistake and they need to be together.

What comedy do you think would make a good horror movie?

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