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Biggest Dinosaur Ever Discovered in Argentina

Biggest Dinosaur Ever Discovered in Argentina

A group of paleontologists from Argentina unveiled the biggest dinosaur EVER on Saturday, a so-called Titanosaur. Named for the mythical Titans of Ancient Greece, the actual specific species of these ginormous dinos hasn't been decided yet, as Titanosaur is more of an umbrella term rather than a specific name. Based on the big collection of fossil they were able to uncover, the scientists were able to determine that they had seven different specimens of these newly found dinosaurs.

By measuring the size of the primary weight-bearing bones of the creatures, the humerus and the femur, scientists were able to place the dinos' weights at around 170,000 pounds. That's 85 tons, people! Aside from just being about as tall as a seven story building, these Titanosaurs are roughly 130 feet long from head to tail. If you imagine two semi-trucks with trailers end to end, you're in the ballpark. The previous record-holder for biggest animal on Earth was the Argentinosaurus, which were about 15 tons lighter than their newly-discovered cousins.

When one thinks "biggest animal ever," you wouldn't necessarily immediately assume vegetarian, but that is definitely the case with this big ol' creature. Titanosaurs, like all of their long-necked brethren like the Apatosaurus and Argentinosaurus, were herbivores. Their super-long necks would definitely come in handy when it comes to eating the leaves from really tall trees, not unlike giraffes of today.

Based on the way there were found so close together, and the magics of fossil dating, we are pretty sure that these new Titanosaurs all died together, possibly from getting stuck in the mud there. It's pretty impressive to think that, even if you weigh 85 tons and have more strength than anything around today, you can still die from getting stuck in the mud.

What are your favorite dinosaurs?

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