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Godzilla Director to Take on First Star Wars Spin-Off Movie; Will it Be Boba Fett?

Godzilla Director to Take on First Star Wars Spin-Off Movie; Will it Be Boba Fett?

By Ryan Britt

Though the rampage (and heroic triumph) of the new Godzilla is still cleaning up at the box office, its director—Gareth Edwards—has already been assigned a new gargantuan challenge: directing the first stand-alone Star Wars movie.

Not incorporated into the main sequence of the “Episodes,” these new films are rumored to focus on the biographies of super-popular characters like Yoda, Han Solo, and possibly even Boba Fett. Somewhere, someone is already mad about Channing Tatum playing young Han Solo, or worse, young Yoda.

Prior to his success with the new Godzilla, Edwards wrote, directed, and created all the special-effects for his super-cool monster film called Monsters. A tiny amount of creative tea-leaf reading could lead a savvy fan to conclude that there might be monsters in this Star Wars spin-off. And if those monsters have multiple-tentacles like the Sarlacc pit on Tatooine, then it’s not too far of a stretch to think Gareth Edwards’s Star Wars spin-off will feature Boba Fett battling for his life against the Sarlacc.

Without the burden of the larger Star Wars saga, the narratives of these new spin-offs might end up being straight-up fun action stories. Who wouldn’t queue up for Boba Fett Vs. The Sarlacc?

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