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5 Awesome Pieces of DIY Superhero Gear

5 Awesome Pieces of DIY Superhero Gear

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Geeks everywhere—ourselves included—are celebrating this Friday’s premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past in their own way... which mostly entails binge watching DVDs of the ‘90s X-Men cartoon. YouTube user ColinFurze, on the other hand, showed his infectious enthusiasm by constructing a pair of fully functional Wolverine claws—and he’s certainly not alone! Read on for even more epically talented DIY craftsmen of super heroic gear!

1) Captain America Shield

Captain America shields are common place around the Internet, yet no self-respecting super soldier would dare charge into a battle wielding a plastic disc, let alone one slapped with a “Made in China” sticker on the back. Alas, if we were more handy and less ham-handed, we’d skip the store entirely and build our own Planet-Hollywood-display-cabinet-worthy Cap shield like the one in this video. Guess we’ll just have to settle for painting a trashcan lid...

2) Batarangs

You don’t have to be the heir of a billion-dollar conglomerate to construct and have access to cool gadgets and such, though at least knowing how to properly use a whetstone grinder goes a long way. Looking like they came straight out of Warner Bros.’ props department, these metal Batarangs are absolutely stunning and deserve a place in any nocturnal vigilante’s utility belt. Everyone else can take their dinky cardboard Batarangs and go home—Bruce Wayne would be ashamed!

3) Spider-Man’s Web Shooter

Of course we’re not talking about the subcutaneous web shooters within Tobey Maguire’s wrists in 2002’s Spider-Man (because that would be genetically impossible and just very, very icky). While these Amazing Spider-Man-inspired web shooters may not fire streams of the hero’s trademark sticky snare—hey, we’d like to see you try and develop web fluid, smartypants!—that isn’t to say they’re not stylishly spiff. Still, we guess there really isn't anything preventing one from duct taping a can of Silly String to the device.

4) Moving Rorschach Mask

Who says you need the subatomic omnipotence of Dr. Manhattan to create the moving mask Rorschach donned in Watchmen? While not as complicated as the graphic novel’s explanation, this DIY version does utilize heat-sensitive material to manipulate the mask’s pattern, creating the appearance of it constantly changing—guaranteed to drop jaws at comic book conventions and up your bean-eating game tenfold.

5) Iron Man Armor

And the prize for the greatest DIY superhero costume known to man goes to this guy, whose homemade Iron Man armor makes us wish we were his sibling or cousin or something. So he can make us one too.

Which DIY replica do you like the best?

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