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You Have to Check Out These Awesome Science Videos!

You Have to Check Out These Awesome Science Videos!

Boring science is really important. Someone's gotta figure out the exact gene configuration of pond scum that might lead to entirely new cures for cancer, but no one is making a YouTube video about it! Videos where stuff explodes and people do things with chemistry that would have gotten them burned as a witch four hundred years ago? That's the ticket! And that's what these are!

Exploding Ethanol

As with most of these, this one goes in the "Don't Try This at Home" bin. This Spangler guy has a lot of videos and they remind us of the science guy who would do demonstrations when someone had a birthday party at the museum (though you crazy kids probably only have birthday parties at Instagramatoriums or Facebookarias). Here he does some experiments with the combustible properties of ethanol, that stuff that comes from plants that they add to gasoline since it burns clean. Anyway, enough of us blabbing, watch some stuff go boom.

Ferrofluids Are Awesome

Ferrofluids are magnetic liquids that were created by NASA in the early sixties in an attempt to create fuels that could be moved around in zero g via magnetic fields. They possess properties scientists often refer to by the technical descriptor of "cray." Let professor Phil Moriarty (nemesis of Devin Holmes) show you some of that.

Non-Newtonian Fluids Are Like Something Out of Doctor Seuss

A non-Newtonian fluid can act like a solid with the application of fluid. One simple non-Newtonian fluid you could make yourself is "oobleck." Named after a Dr. Seuss book, it's just water and corn starch, but it's super magic. This video by Georgia Tech undergrads will show you the ropes (though please no shooting things with BB guns like they did).

Friction Is All Whaaaaaaaaat?!

This video shows off the amazing power of friction.

If you're wondering exactly what happened, the heat created from the incredible friction of these two metal drums being spun together at high speed caused them to fuse. So yeah, that's a thing.

Dry Ice Crystal Bubbles

In this video, a women named Amy shows you that dry ice (solid carbon-dioxide) is good for more than just making crazy smoky effects. It can also make awesome crystal balls that pop into crazy smoky effects!

Origami Rockets

We bet you never thought fire and paper would get along this well! This one involves lighters and stuff, so we're going to remind you about the not trying this at home thing we mentioned earlier. This seems less like a science lesson as much as it is an engineering lesson, but pretty cool to watch (also Origami Rockets is our favorite J-pop band)!

Surface Area Shows That Air Is POWERFUL

You could maybe do this one at home but only if you're wearing protective gear just in case a ruler goes the wrong way. By increasing surface area through the use of a simple page of newspaper... just take a look.

Do you have any cool science stuff to tell us about? Do so in the comments!


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