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5 Ridiculous Title Predictions for Star Wars Episode VII

5 Ridiculous Title Predictions for Star Wars Episode VII


The next installment in the “real” Star Wars saga has started filming, but what will it be called? Recent rumors have indicated that “The Ancient Fear,” is a likely contender for the new title. And if you think it sounds too cheesy or ridiculous to be the real title, it’s important to remember that the titles of all the Star Wars films homage old Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers-style adventures; they’re supposed to be a little cheesy. Here’s five other possible—and totally made up—titles for the next Star Wars film.

Star Wars: Episode VII: Galaxy of Fear

The titles of the other Star Wars films generally employ some kind of subject with some kind of action. The Empire is the noun doing the verb of striking and the Clones are doing some attacking. You get it. Often the nouns (whether they are “Sith” or “Jedi”) are big Star Wars words which evoke an important meaning. Plus, the prequels kind of mirror the classic films as “Menace” is a Foil for “Hope,” “Clones” (because the clones are in the employ of the Republic) is a foil for “Empire,” and “Sith” is a Foil for “Jedi.” Each one of these titles also shocks us a little bit with its verb, with the exception of “New” and “Phantom” which are adjectives and not verbs. (Though The Phantom-ing Menace does totally sound a lot cooler)

Because Episode VII is a first film in a cycle of three (Like The Phantom Menace and A New Hope) it’s possible that “The Ancient Fear” might be a really, really good predication, and might even end up being true. It matches the pattern of A New Hope and The Phantom Menace perfectly; and adjective descries the noun, with the title itself being more vague then (presumably) the other titles in the trilogy. We just hope that they might flip it around to have something a little more exciting like “galaxy” in there. Plus, it could be a nice homage to a weird series of middle-grade Star Wars horror novels.

Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of the Republic

Because the world “Empire” is such a big part of Star Wars nomenclature, it seems weird that an equally important government organization—the Republic—hasn’t been incorporated into a Star Wars film yet. Plus, if there is some rebuilding going on from the events in the EU novels (which might get casually mentioned, if not cherry-picked for fun content) then this could serve as a sort of antidote to The Empire Strikes Back. If any EU stuff is incorporated even loosely into these new films then we all know the Empire has been striking back a lot in between Return of the Jedi and this movie.

Star Wars Episode VII: Invasion from Beyond

Star Wars needs a new enemy. Something different from the Sith or the Empire, and it might be more like an invasion situation similar to the Yuuzhan Vong, but probably not the Yuuzhan Vong because the name is too much of a mouthful for a child and won’t fit on a toy box neatly. But still, “invasion” and “beyond,” are very old-school serial adventure sounding, so maybe something like this?

Star Wars Episode VII: The Death of the Rebellion

Even though the “traditional” naming structure would mean Episode VII shouldn’t necessarily have a big verb with a Star Wars-y noun, the idea of the Rebellion being victorious in Return of the Jedi is sort of the big political takeaway of that particular part of the story. If the new film took that away from us, even with its title, it could be booth jarring and very Star Wars at the same time. Of all of my zany titles on this list, this one already sounds like a Star Wars movie.

Star Wars Episode VII: Fate of the Skywalkers

Here’s something old and something new. Following tradition, this uses a less active, less verby title describing to first installment of an new Star Wars trilogy (“Fate” is sort noun with similar propertaties and atmospheric connotations as “Hope” and “Menace”). By incorporating the ultimate Star Wars word “Skywalkers,” however, this title almost says Star Wars twice. But, a proper name has never been in Star Wars movie title before, making this both familiar and also super rebellious.


What would you title Star Wars Episode VII?

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