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Hollywood's Kindest Geeks


Jack Gleeson 

Okay, so Gleeson's not really a "Hollywood" geek anymore, since he just announced he has traded his acting career for life as an academic. But we had to include him on this list, because there has never been a bigger rift between an actor and his most famous role. Gleeson nailed the part of Joffrey Baratheon, easily one of the most hate-inspiring villains ever to grace the small screen. But he is also unanimously considered to be the coolest guy in the world by everyone who has ever met him. For example, fellow star Pedro Pascal said that he "is one of the nicest, most thoughtful people I've met, regardless of his association to playing such an epic villain. He's a really lovely guy, and he's really smart." Enjoy the cognitive dissonance while watching the show!

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