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Hollywood's Kindest Geeks


Keanu Reeves

You'd be very hard-pressed to find a kinder Hollywood geek than Reeves, and that's why he's capping off our list. You want proof of geekiness? Reeves is a huge book nerd who can recite Shakespeare from memory. You want proof of kindness? Reeves gave himself a $80 million paycut on The Matrix because he thought the special effects team deserved the money more.

That's just the tip of the generosity iceberg with this guy, and there's a reason he inspires headlines like "Keanu Reeves Almost Unbelievably Nice." This is even more heartwarming when you find out that Reeves has had a very rough life, filled with tragedies that would make weaker men bitter and angry. Apparently, he has taken the opposite tack and decided, like his iconic character Ted Logan, that his life philosophy is to "be excellent to each other."

Who are your favorite Hollywood geeks with hearts of gold?

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