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Seriously, Look At These Awesome Stop-Motion Videos!

Seriously, Look At These Awesome Stop-Motion Videos!

Here's a question for you: What's better than amazing stop-motion animated videos?

Answer: Nothing! The incredibly time intensive process of taking a picture of a thing and then moving that thing repeated a bazillion times creates undeniably the best form of art. Want to see what we mean? Well then keep reading because have we got some ice cream for your eyes!

Thick as Thieves Music Video

This would be worth a watch even if it didn't have any music. Heck, it's so good, we'd watch it even if the soundtrack to the video was screeching cats. Behold as the entirety of world history is brought to life in a spectacular and often adorable fashion.

The Maker

This short was created by a group called Zealous Creative who make super awesome stuff. This particular short film definitely has shades of Burton, but it still manages to totally be its own thing. An awkwardly adorable felt creature has a project before him and... you know what? Just watch the video. It's kinda hauntingly beautiful.


Another Zealous Creative effort and it's also quite striking. This one features narration and is in some ways a lot less subtle in its themes and messages than "The Maker" but it's still definitely worth a watch. It takes place in an adorable yarn dystopia where everyone has a number at birth. It kind of feels like what would happen if you crossed Brave New World with Little Big Planet. See what we're talking about:


On the other end of the spectrum, this Oscar Award winning short film is far subtler in its message and ideas, but it certainly gives you something for your brain to chew on. We'd probably sound like we were off our rockers if we tried to describe it, and quite frankly, on our rockers is where we'd rather remain! Just watch the video and see what you think:

Stop Motion Spider Man

So this one may not have the gravitas or budget of the other entries, but it has the appeal of seeing someone with little means make something pretty cool. It's part of a longer web series and there's a fun element of just going for it and making something without cynicism or irony that seems to have been somewhat lost among a lot of people today.

Doctor Puppet

So we already covered this web series before, but if even one of you isn't watching it, it'll be worth bringing it up here again. This fun and adorable stop-motion Doctor Who fan story feels like the best mash up pretty much ever. If you all check it out this time, maybe we won't have to bring it up again (but we probably still will):

Clay Dalek Tutorial

For a fun bonus video, here's a quick stop motion animation showing you how you can make adorable clay Dalek figurines! We don't know about you, but there isn't going to be any room on our desks after we start putting this into action:

What did you think of the videos? Any theories or thoughts on the more mysterious ones? Speak up in the comments!

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