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5 Awesome YouTube Covers of Songs from Sci-Fi and Fantasy

5 Awesome YouTube Covers of Songs from Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Cover songs are a tricky minefield. On one hand, imitation is the highest form of flattery and what better way to flatter than you present your own take on a beloved classic. On the other hand, LEAVE OUR MUSIC ALONE! If it ain't broke, don't cover it! These covers fall squarely in the first camp, however. Behold, the great themes and songs from our fave sci-fi and fantasy masterpieces, reimagined for your listening pleasure!

Game of Thrones Cello Cover

As far as popular series go in fantasy, there's nothing even close to Game of Thrones right now. This clip is a REALLY impressive cover of the show's epic theme song, with just three cellos and a drummer. It sounds pretty spot on!

Firefly Theme: "The Ballad of Serenity"

Chances are that if you're into just one cult sci-fi show, it's Firefly. The theme song is one of the coolest ever, so naturally YouTube is FULL of renditions of it. This one is the best, though, as the addition of the violin player really gives it that extra umph that makes it closer to the original.

Skyrim: "Age of Aggression"

"Age of Aggression" is one of the epic songs played by bards in the game, and this young lady totally kills it in this clip. Aside from just playing the main parts live, she layers background vocals in there to make the choruses really stand out in a super cool way. This version even surpasses the ones you can hear in the game.

The Ghostbusters Theme

This guy uses the original vocals and some of the keyboards from the original version we all know and love from the movie, but records new bass and guitar parts. The solos are insane, and this version has a lot more kickassery than the original. Everyone loves Ghostbusters, right?!

Star Wars Theme A Capella

Playing a good cover with all of the original instruments is hard enough, but this guy manages to recreate the awesome Star Wars theme with just his voice. According to the description on the YouTube video, it's more than 90 different vocal tracks, and he spent more than 300 hours working on it. That's some serious dedication, but the end results speak for themselves.

What are your favorite YouTube covers from sci-fi & fantasy?

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