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Pokemon Meet Mayan Art in Pokemayan Series

If you’re a fan of ancient cultures, classic art styles, and video games, then you need to see the work of artist Mona Robles. Robles has reimagined our favorite Pokémon in a Mayan art style for a series called Pokemayans. Pokémon like this Bulbasaur and Ivysaur look like they’d be right at home in Mesoamerican civilization with their redesign.

“I'm from Chiapas, México, so I'm very familiar with the Maya culture, I find it really appealing and aesthetically interesting, and I love learning new things about it,” Robles told The MindHut. “When I first started doing the Pokemayans I had been wondering why no one seemed to draw inspiration from this culture, around that time plenty of artists I know were drawing their versions of Pokémon so I decided to give it a go with this new idea. I'm hoping to open a Patreon in the following few days and retake the idea to draw at least the entire first gen in a consistent Maya style!”

Check out more amazing Pokemyans on the following slides!

Credit: Mona Robles

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