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5 Robot Demos That Went Horribly Wrong!

5 Robot Demos That Went Horribly Wrong!

Equating a better standard of living to no longer having to feed oneself, Mattessons—a UK-based purveyor of heart-clogging meat products—last year squandered the potential of robotic engineering by developing Robotic Arm MK II Prototype: A vicious piece of machinery more inclined to beat up than feed its master chicken nuggets. Setbacks are bound to happen, and while these five robot demos gone horribly wrong aren’t as violent, they’re certainly just as embarrassing!

1) Robot Seagull to the Head!

Doesn’t matter if we saw this video or not, but modeling an artificial intelligence after a bird that isn’t shy about pinching a hot dog or dropping a load in our hair while at the beach doesn’t seem like a good idea to begin with. Sorry, we just fail to see any positives.

2) Basketball Isn’t for Everyone...

True, the little guy missed a shot that was practically served up to him on a silver platter, but it’s not all bad—he went on to play for the Philadelphia 76ers!

3) Pancake-Flipping Robot's Flipping Awful!

Well... that explains the dead cockroach in our Hobbit Grand Slam.

4) Robot Fails at Pouring Drinks

Going out of your way to be a jerk because you hate your job is one thing, but hurting yourself just so you can go home early is quite another.

5) Stairs Conquer Asimo

Honda’s Asimo is supposed to be the zenith of consumer robotics, programmed to perform household chores and even assist the elderly as a caretaker. It’s a noble endeavor, but do you seriously want to leave your grandma’s well-being in the hands of a robot that has just as much trouble navigating a staircase? (Who does Honda have designing their robots? Daleks?!)

Which robot do you think failed the worst?

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