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Disney Princesses (and Heroines) as Sailor Moon Characters

There’s something irresistible about reimagining Disney and other cartoon characters in fan art, whether it’s drawing them as college students or monstersCrossovers such as Disney princesses as Airbender characters are particularly popular these days but one series in particular recently caught our eye.

Artist Drachea Rannak has redesigned Disney princesses and other classic heroines in the style of the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon! It all started when he was inspired by other crossovers he saw when he was a new deviantART user. Seeing other artists trying this combination of characters, Rannak reached out to one in particular.

“This artist had her own designs not even close to mine but they were good, and I asked her if I could draw them as a way to show my admiration for her work. But she told me that I should come up with my own designs and so I did,” he told the MindHut.

His designs, like this version of Giselle from the hybrid Disney film Enchanted, have earned him many fans and inspired hundreds of cosplay ideas. See more of his Sailor Heroines and Princesses on the following slides!

Credit: Drachea Rannak

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