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Just Call Him Arthur: 5 Essential Aquaman Facts

Just Call Him Arthur: 5 Essential Aquaman Facts

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This week, waves of casting rumors (pun intended!) hit the Internet that Jason Momoa was set to play Aquaman in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it looks like it's going to be true. With DC studios all but announcing a full line-up of Avengers-style films, it’s time to brush up on your Justice League.  Here are five facts to help make the Aquaman waters a little less murky.

He’s Had a Hard Time Keeping His Own Comic Book

Though his first appearance was in something called More Fun Comics in 1941, Aquaman didn’t get his own comic book until 1962. That lasted until 1978 and from there he had his own comic in 1986, 1989, 1991, 1994, 2003, and most recently in 2011 with re-launch of DC’s “New 52.” Unlike Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and even Green Lantern, Arthur hasn’t gotten as much respect over the years.

He Was Briefly Killed By a Giant Silly Alien in 2001

At the turn of the century, the Justice League of America battled a weirdo multi-dimensional creature called Imperix. In a big cliffhanger issue, the continent of Atlantic and Aquaman vanished, effectively making everyone believe he had died.  While he was gone though, there was a giant statue hanging out in the middle of the ocean. Imperix also seemed to dress sort of like a clown crossed with a wrestler.

His Powers Have Changed Slightly Through the Years

Initially, it was posited that Aquaman spoke to fish and other sea creatures in “their own language.” Later this turned into sending telepathic signals to his various aquatic buddies, mostly because the idea of him pursing his lips like a fish and speaking to them makes almost zero sense. However, throughout the years, he’s mostly been able to—duh—breathe underwater.

He Once Was in Charge of the Whole Justice League

In the 80’s Martians invaded and everybody left Aquaman in charge of the League. Considering the JLA actually has a Martian on staff, this move is pretty weird. If dolphins were invading Earth, Aquaman should be in charge, not Martian Manhunter!

He’s Basically the Thor of the DC Universe

Thought not his first origin story, the eventual sort of permanent mythology for Aquaman—whose royal name is Orin—is king of the lost continent of Atlantis. Because of this, Aquaman (Arthur to his more human pals) has one foot in his wet-other-world, and one foot on terra firma. This makes the character a little more disconnected than other members of the Justice League, which isn’t shocking with the living underwater and all, but when you add king-stuff, staying connected to everyone is really hard. When you consider the pack-of-strays that is the Justice League (or the Avengers!) and the fact that Aquaman barely fits in with them, it’s like he’s an orphan, twice.


Are you excited for Jason Momoa as Aquaman?

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