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Check Out This Weird Vintage Disney Mascot Training Video!

Check Out This Weird Vintage Disney Mascot Training Video!

Think being a costumed Disney Park mascot is all pantomiming and photo ops? Okay, maybe it partly is, but as this 1976 training video goes to show, it certainly isn’t for the weak-willed. From putting up with spontaneously violent children and knowing your performance puts the globally recognized image of the Disney corporate empire on the line, it’s no wonder the mascot corps has such a high washout rate!

SDFASDFSDA by everythingisterrible

- @0:14 He may not talk, but that doesn’t mean Dopey can’t feel pain.

- @0:16 But good luck finding a dressing area that doesn’t smell like farts and armpit stank.

- @0:25 Let us get this straight, so we can’t wear our Che Guevara t-shirt outside the costume?

- @0:37 Tch, typical rookie mistake...

- @0:43 Because you’ll be spending the next four hours dancing around until heat exhaustion sets in.

- @1:16 The last thing you want is Eeyore reeking of Marlboros.

- @1:21 Passive aggression alert.

- @1:51 Of course, that’s before Mickey’s had a drink or two.

- @2:20 Grumpy’s a realist and knows life is an endless cycle of disappointment.

- @2:49 “Or we’ll cut your tongue out.”

- @3:07 Tigger... what are you doing...?

- @3:15 Parenting at its finest.

- @3:36 Nothing kills the magic faster than hearing Mickey sound like an inarticulate, gruff-voiced ex-con.

- @3:50 Doing a spot-on impression of Snow White opens the door to so many fulfilling careers!

Have you ever worked at the Disney Parks?

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