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Display Your Inner Dragon With These Handmade Masks

Fantasy fans may want to take a seat because the amazing life-like fantasy creature masks, costumes, and sculptures you’re about to see might just blow you away! Sarah M. of Auckland, New Zealand, the artist behind Static Creature, has created an impressively realistic body of work featuring a range of original fantasy creatures.

“I've been doing this kind of art for most of my life. [I] was drawing dragons and fantasy critters from a young age, about 4 years old,” Sarah told the MindHut. “I always found them really captivating.”

This blue dragon mask made from cast resin and leather is one of many creations that are perfect for anyone who’s ever dreamed of letting their inner dragon shine out for all to see! See more of Sarah’s work and learn about her art's creation on the following slides.

Credit: Static Creature

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