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The 6 Geekiest Guest Appearances on Sesame Street

The 6 Geekiest Guest Appearances on Sesame Street

Just as sure as Oscar the Grouch tells someone to sit and spin, a celebrity is bound to wind up on Sesame Street and dazzle Big Bird and company with their presence. Our reactions ranging from “Hey, wow! Look who it is” to “Oh god... look who it is,” wondering which celebrities would pop in next was always a source of fleeting amusement. So imagine our delight when some of our geek culture idols made time to hobnob with Muppets! Now, here are the six geekiest guest appearances on Sesame Street!

1) Batman & Robin

While we didn’t get Adam West and Burt Ward pulling into the arbor in the Batmobile (just imagine how mind-blowing it would’ve been for kids growing up in the ‘60s), the Dynamic Duo’s animated counterparts did make a special appearance in two educational segments. Even the sociopathic Joker joined in on the fun, having every bone in his body shattered like glass by an oncoming car to teach children the importance of looking both ways before crossing the street. It's a shame that Sesame Street and DC haven’t collaborated since, because gritty reboots of these shorts starring Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger would’ve been indescribably insane.

2) James Earl Jones

If you close your eyes and imagine real hard, you can see Darth Vader, Mufasa or Mr. Mertle from The Sandlot reciting the alphabet, whichever flavor of James Earl Jones floats your nerdy boat.

3) The Simpsons & Jeff Goldblum

Grover’s song “Monster in the Mirror” first appeared in 1989, and in that time it has achieved an immortal status, in the public consciousness inseparable from the blue, lanky-armed monster. A short two years later, Sesame Street revisited and extended the song, adding special appearances by a cavalcade of celebrities—including the charismatic Jeff Goldblum singing in a trash can (probably still thinking he was the Brundlefly) and the Simpson family! This definitely ranks on the list of once-in-a-lifetime, had-to-be-there moments in Sesame Street history.

4) Liam Neeson

Before Star Wars Episode I. Before The Chronicles of Narnia. And a full decade after the forgettable High Spirits, Liam Neeson was hamming it up alongside Count Von Count, playing the non-lethal vampire in what appeared to be an interesting biopic. How come all the good movies wind up sitting in development hell?

5) Patrick Stewart

One of Sesame Street’s producers must’ve really, really enjoyed watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. Otherwise Sir Patrick Stewart—yes, Captain Jean-Luc Picard—and his voice that could move mountains would never have made not one, but TWO grandiose appearances on the show! If we could throw roses into the TV and Stewart was able to catch them, we would. Oh, we would.

6) C-3PO & R2-D2

Watch the video HERE!

Does C-3PO and R2-D2’s visiting Sesame Street count as Star Wars canon? It’s in George Lucas’ clammy hands as far as we know, but don’t let that ruin the delight of seeing our two favorite droids chew the fat with Maria and Luis.

Who’s your favorite Sesame Street guest star?

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