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The Top 15 Most Romantic Scientists

Science is rarely seen as a romantic endeavor, what with all the sterilized lab equipment and cold, hard empiricism. But studying the natural world in all its myriad forms incites intense passion, so it's no surprise that many of history's greatest scientists have also been self-confessed romantics.

Carl Sagan is a great example. He and his wife Ann Druyan met on the Voyager Golden Record project, and Sagan suggested including EEGs of Druyan's love-struck brain waves onto the interstellar-bound probes. "My feelings as a 27 year old woman, madly fallen in love, they're on that record,” says Druyan. "It's forever. It'll be true 100 million years from now."

It doesn't get more romantic than that...or does it? Jump in to see our picks for the most romantic scientists of all time, and tell us which one made you "aww" the hardest.

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