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Watch Great Writers Read Their Favorite Sci-Fi Authors!

Watch Great Writers Read Their Favorite Sci-Fi Authors!

Tonight, at Brooklyn's only sci-fi bookshop—Singularity & Co.—the reading series Lust for Genre will return! This series (hosted by MindHut contributor Ryan Britt) features writers and performers reading from genre fiction that has influenced them. Last month, readers included Lev Grossman (The Magicians) Syreeta McFadden (BuzzFeed) and SparkLife writer Janet Manley!

The bookstore Singularity & Co. was started with a simple motto: "Save the Sci-Fi." By both buying up old copies of science fiction, fantasy, western and other genre novels, Singularity & Co.'s mission has been to preserve these sorts of books for infinite posterity. They even buy the rights to old out-of-print genre fiction and re-issue those books as ebooks. So, when owner Cici James asked science fiction critic and blogger Ryan Britt to organize a reading series in 2012, both agreed that the idea of people reading their own, original work didn't make sense. Instead, authors and performers who love genre fiction, or have been affected by it in some way, share selections from books they enjoy. It doesn't always mean the readers think work they're performing is always great, and in several installments of the series, have even lampooned some of the material they share. Choose Your Own Adventure novels and Arthur C. Clarke are all given equal time in this reading series.

From Ophira Eisenberg (NPR) reading a Kurt Vonnegut short story, to Lyndsay Faye (Dust & Shadow) reading Sherlock Holmes, to Genevieve Valentine (The Girls at the Kingfisher Club) reading from The Birds, to Janet Manley recently doing a send-up of Divergent, this is a series about sharing genre fiction out-loud in a space which is specifically all about preserving this kind of work, and nurturing its readership.

This month's line-up includes Nelly Reifler (See Through, Elect H. Mouse State Judge) Emily-Asher Perrin(, Queers Dig TimeLordsand Keith R.A. DeCandido (The Klingon Art of War) Each will be sharing a selection of some genre fiction they dig. If you can't make it out to Brooklyn, a podcast is coming soon from Singularity & Co. But for now, here's a trailer to give you an idea of what happens.

Check out Lust for Genre on Facebook here.

(Video credit: Michael Anderson)

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