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Prepare For the Return of The Powerpuff Girls With This Amazing Fanart!

This month it was announced that everyone’s favorite trio of girl heroes, The Powerpuff Girls, would be returning to Cartoon Network in 2016, bringing back Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in a reboot.

If you’re so excited by the news you just can’t wait for your Powerpuff Girls’ fix though, we found some amazing fan art to hold you over! These artists from deviantART have unique takes on the characters that will make you wonder just what might change about the show in the rebooted version when it returns in two years. This art for example shows the original characters in a unique anime style.

Will the girls look different or older in the new show? Will our favorite villains return? Will we see any fun mashup episodes? Check out more fan art displaying some fun possibilities on the following slides!

Credit: Chikukko

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