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Sci Fi and Fantasy Couples That We Ship So Hard


Queen Elsa & Merlin

Elsa and Merlin would be able to bond over having to hide their natures for much of their lives. Both grew up lonely and afraid of being found out, albeit for slightly different reasons. She, for fear of hurting her sister or other people, and him because of the anti-magic regime that would have had him killed. But together, they could benevolently rule Arendelle with their magical powers, and not need to hide anymore. Also they could be in love!

Tags: sci fi, love, slideshows, fantasy, couples, so wrong but it feels so right

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About the Author
Abbey Clarke

Abbey Clarke is a writer and editorial assistant living in Jersey City. She's a player on a D&D podcast called Knife Errant, wrote her senior thesis on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and is working on a novel about a semi-reformed demon who runs a library. You can follow her on Twitter at @abbeybookaholic.

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