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Sherlock Will Return in 2015 With FOUR New Episodes

Sherlock Will Return in 2015 With FOUR New Episodes

Just announced from the BBC! The popular series will begin filming a one-off Christmas special in January 2015, with three “regular” episodes to follow. This means the next season (series) of Sherlock will be four episodes instead of three. As with previous installments, it's expected each episode will be about an hour and half, which means the next rounds of Sherlocks will culminate in SIX full hours of Bendict Cumberbatch’s arrogant cheekbones and Martin Freeman’s frowny-smirks.

With the return of Moriarty teased out at the end of the most recent episode, and certain questions still left un-answered about how Sherlock Holmes faked his death, there is almost every reason to believe this next cycle of stories will be the end to what is arguably the most popular on-screen incarnation of the great detective since the Jeremy Brett Granada Television series in the 1980’s. But, which classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle adventures are left for series writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss to draw upon? From “A Scandal in Bohemia” to “The Empty House,” to “The Hound of the Baskervilles,” and countless others; BBC’s Sherlock has cribbed from a lot of the best source material already, even if the show has just partially homaged original stories, in terms of the classic material, there’s not a whole lot left!

However, the little-talked about novel The Valley of Fear could serve as an inspiration for the return of Moriarty. There’s also the creepy, almost Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story “The Creeping Man,” and if the show truly will get as dark as the Tweets are claiming, never forget “The Sussex Vampire.”

No release date has yet been announced, but if this is Sherlock’s final bow, it’s bound to be an exciting one.

What are you most anticipating about the return of Sherlock?

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