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Lego Versions of Fine Art and Iconic Architecture

LEGO bricks have a special place in every kid’s heart because of the unending potential they contain. You can make anything you want no matter how big or small. You can even recreate some of the world’s most well known artistic and architectural achievements.

Some of these you can create with the help of LEGO sets for sale, instructions right on hand to guide you. Others take some more thinking outside the box. New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya creates unique sculptures and has a touring exhibition called The Art of Brick. He’s re-created everything from Mount Rushmore to the Mona Lisa using LEGO bricks. They’re beautiful, impressive, and will have you wondering how long it took him to carefully place all those little bricks.

Whether they’re bought in store or created by artist’s like Sawaya, seeing LEGO versions of fine art and architecture will almost make you as speechless as seeing the real things. Check out some of these amazing creations on the following slides!

The Art of Brick by artist Nathan Sawaya. Photo courtesy of

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