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The Best Tweets of Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Best Tweets of Neil deGrasse Tyson


There's a man we look to when times get tough and we need some inspiration. That man is Neil deGrasse Tyson (NdT). If you don't know why Dr Tyson is awesome, just Google awesome and he'll come up right after pizza and fireworks. That should get you all caught up. Thankfully for us all, Neil also tweets. His tweets are sometimes funny, sometimes informational, but always thought-provoking. Here are some our favorites.

That just inspired us to write Alien vs. Predator: Dance Off.

Do you have a Ph.D. in physics? No? Then just laugh at the dad joke and be on your way.

The Millenium Falcon is an awesome spacecraft. The Ship of the Imagination however is way faster and has the best astrophysicist ever as its captain. Imagination wins.

This is obviously a joke. Neil deGrasse Tyson know that aliens watch cat videos too. I don't care what planet you're from kittens are adorable.

Does NdT ever tire of blowing your mind? Not yet. You could argue that this could also be turned around on Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson PhD. Surely a man of such humility, knowledge, and dare I say grace, knows he can be wrong sometimes. We however do not know that.

If the there was an album, Neil: Songs For Lovers Under the Stars, we would own it and so would you.

Watch this video. Neil did us the favor of cueing it up to the last five minutes to get the main point across. From the "cosmic perspective" we are special because we are all the same and one with universe. There is no point for borders between countries or war. Neil deGrasse Tyson could be elected president if he believed in borders between countries.

Follow Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson on twitter for inspiration and constant reminders about how we are all made of stars. Thanks, Doc T.

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