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The World's Most Dangerous Tribes

A Group of Friends Starting a Podcast

“We can’t talk right not Sharon, we are recording our podcast Sharon!” Geez Louise, how many times have you heard this in a moment of need? There you are, wanting to dish on your life, talk some hot goss, and all your “friends” can do is discuss who their next guest should be, the ins-and-outs of getting distribution through iTunes and what topic would result in maximum pod downloads. This particular tribe is dangerous because they can be so one-sided they forget to help you with the little things (a.k.a. your drama).

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Ashley Brooke Roberts

Ashley Brooke Roberts is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor living in Brooklyn. She's a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and can usually be found smiling at random dogs on the street. Follow her on twitter at @AshleyBRoberts.

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