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The Best Lifehack Videos Compiled Here, For You!

The Best Lifehack Videos Compiled Here, For You!

Welcome to the Internet! There's a thing here on the Internet called life hack videos to make your existence easier. Life hacks are just like regular hacks except instead of typing really fast into a computer, you use a spoon on a kiwi. So without further ado, here we go!

Use a spoon on a kiwi

So we'll start off with a pretty basic one. No one is really sure how to eat a kiwi. For example, can you eat the skin? Most people would say no, but a very loud minority of people say yes. That's why we're grateful to anyone who peels away the mystery of the kiwi like so much kiwi skin (if you can't eat it). Let it be declared that "with a spoon" is the new way to eat kiwi.

Use vinegar for... everything

Apparently vinegar is the sorcerer's stone of liquids. It can clean everything, unclog anything, and when mixed with sea salt, it makes the best potato chips. SAFETY HACK: Don't do that knife flip thing he does in the video. Also the video says it was sponsored by Audible but we're pretty sure the National Vinegar Council tossed in a few bucks.

Chip bag hacks!

Speaking of salt and vinegar chips (or not speaking of, but implying at least) here we have a couple chip bag tricks you may have already seen around the interwebs, but it's always good to have a refresher on these tricks that keep your snacks fresher! The flavor of the chip is up to you (salt and vinegar).

Microwave Cookie!

This one comes with a bonus hack about how to remove an egg yolk from an egg white if that's something you need to do. PRANK HACK! Go up to a bunch of people drinking coffee out of mugs with your cookie mug. Hold up the mug and say "don't know how I'd get through the morning without this" and then start eating the cookie out of the mug. Everyone will be like "waaaaaah?"

A Whole Bunch Of Life Hacks Put Together

This video tosses them at you so quickly, you'll feel like you walked in to a life hack attack! These mostly seem pretty useful, but we're not sure that cutting things with floss "will make you look cooler"

More Life Hacks Put Together!

So it seems like most of the ways to hack your life either involve food or cleaning. And most cleaning comes as the result of messy eating. So by the transitive property, life is eating. Or something.


This fun video of Life Hacks of questionable value.


What's your favorite life hack? Tell us in the comments!

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