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A Brief History of Anime

At this point we’d be leaving out a HUGE chunk of Anime history if we did not make mention of the great Hayao Miyazaki. This outstanding animator is revered the world over, and has been a force in the world of Anime since the 1970s. His key works include Castle in the Sky (86), My Neigbor Totoro (88), Spirited Away (2001), Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) and the critically lauded Princess Mononoke (1997). Miyazaki's name was so respected that he became the first Japanese animator to attract big name actors for his American translations.

Princess Mononoke was the most expensive animated film up until that time, costing $20 million to produce. At a time when computer 3D rendering had become the norm, PM used barely any. Miyazaki was said to have personally checked each of the 144,000 cels in the film and is estimated to have redrawn over 80,000 of them!!!

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