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Five Ways to Celebrate "Embrace Your Inner Geek" Day

Five Ways to Celebrate "Embrace Your Inner Geek" Day

Masterminds, did you know that this Sunday, June 13 is Embrace Your Inner Geek Day? The holiday was created over a decade ago by the Roy family, who apparently make a living coming up with wacky festivities (where do we sign up for THAT job!?). We think the Mastermind community could be just the thing that busts this day right into the main rotation of holidays, but we're going to have to make this year really count. So here's our list of 10 ways to ring in Embrace Your Inner Geek Day with style, substance, and some no-holds-barred geek-outs.

1. Geek Gratitude

Who are the people in your life who have always supported your epic rise to geekery? Give them a gift or a shoutout on this most holy of geek days. A motherboard for your mother, for example, or a friendship necklace with matching DNA/RNA base pairs for your BFF! Or just pause your regular Dungeons & Dragons sesh to let your buds know that you are grateful for the cosmic polyhedral dice roll that led to your becoming friends.

2. Cosplay Party

Bookworms, television junkies, gamers, and movie buffs all have one thing in common: at least one outrageous costume in the closet. Whether it's a Star Trek uniform, Batman armor, or a straight-up T-Rex suit, we know it's there. Why wait for Halloween? Have all your friends over in full geek garb, or go out to sing karaoke songs you think your characters would dig. Heck, there's already a pre-written Queen song for the Flash. You can't go wrong!

3. Support Your Local Geek Mecca

One of the greatest things about the rise of geek culture is the enormous diversity of interests that now have public acceptance. Celebrate that on Sunday by supporting whatever local institution most represents your passions. If you are a science buff, go check out your local planetarium. If you're into dinosaurs, hit up the nearest natural history museum. If you are totally addicted to reading, give your local bookstore some love. And of course, if you're really into Newtonian physics, hop onto a roller coaster, stat.

4. Geek Potluck

Ever wanted to try lembas bread from LOTR? Or elixir soup from The Legend of Zelda? Or simply anything delicious shaped like a TARDIS? We have news for you, friend: you're going to want to throw a geek potluck. Invite your friends to bring real-life versions of their favorite fictional or historical foods, and taste the sweet, sweeeeeet geekery.

5. Work On Your Dream Project

We all have that one brilliant idea that we'd love to give to the world. It could be a romantic comedy set during the Singularity, or a treatise on the use of game theory in Doctor Who, or a straight-up spaceship in your backyard. Whatever it is, spend the day working on it. And if you haven't even had a chance to start your magnum opus, let Sunday be the day you do. Because we assure you, the geeks of the world want to see what your lil noggin can dream up.

How do you plan to celebrate Embrace Your Inner Geek Day?

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