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Flex Your Geek Muscle at Get Pop Cultured!

Flex Your Geek Muscle at Get Pop Cultured!

We love free stuff! Mostly because it's free, and partially because it's stuff... but mainly because it's FREE STUFF. This summer, Barnes & Noble is inviting all geeks worth their weight in graphic novels to come into their local stores for a month-long giveaway-athon called Get Pop Cultured. It's basically like Christmas, a Bar Mitzvah, and a Comic Con all got into an anti-matter transport device and were morphed into one tragically misshapen, geek-tacular event. "When are they gunna stop their yammering' and start telling me about this FREE STUFF they're giving away," you're saying? RIGHT NOW.

Preview Weekend (July 18-20)

This weekend is the equivalent of a geek's brain exploding into a million, zillion insane giveaways. One shiny little piece that we are SUPER excited about is the exclusive Attack on Titan manga sampler (basically, free UNRELEASED AoT artwork that only YOU get to put your grubby little hands on)! Free exclusive versions of the brand new WWE comic book will magically fall from the ceiling like manna (FULL DISCLOSURE: comic books will not fall like manna, but will be handed to you by a courteously excited employee while supplies last). There will be other giveaways featuring goodies from Charlaine Harris, Lev Grossman, Brandon Sanderson, and many others. SO MUCH STUFF, in fact, that we can't even fit it all here. The peeps at the big convention will be jealous OF YOU!

Batman Day (July 23)

The old geezer is turning 75! Most senior citizens would celebrate with a glass of warm milk. NOT THE DARK KNIGHT! In Bruce's honor we're giving away Wayne Manor, practically. We're super psyched about the CRAZY beautiful limited edition Batman posters. Honestly, though, that's just the tip of the Batarang. Because... are you sitting down... they're giving away a bat signal (one per store).  A BAT SIGNAL. So, basically if you go to there, you will instantly become a superhero. HOPE YOU'RE READY TO START SAVING LIVES!

Collectibles Weekend (July 24-27)

You know who gets on our nerves? All the snot-nosed jerks Instagramming their exclusive collectibles all over the interwebz like they're better than us. Well, they aren't! We're going to have never-before-seen Funko figurines that are limited edition convention exclusives. You know where else you can find them? Barnes & Noble, while supplies last. Instagram that, YOLK HEADS!

DC Comics Spectacular (July 23-28)

Admit it. When they announced Superman vs Batman at Con last year, your brain started leaking out of your head JUST A LITTLE BIT. DC IS ON FIRE, PEOPLE! And we are celebrating with a bunch of amazing sales... but you NEED to be in the store to enter for the creme de la creme of DC giveaways: the DC Comics Chronology. Are you a real fan? Well put this in your calendar, WITH MAGIC MARKER.

Frozen Friday (August 1)

You can't stop Frozen. Don't get in its way because it will run you over with its icy awesomeness and FIVE BILLION covers of "Let it Go." And if you, like every person on YouTube, like to sing along to the greatest Disney film since The Lion King, you must to be at your local B&N on August 1st at 7 p.m. for "Sing-along With Olaf." Scream-sing your face off with our favorite talking snowman and maybe... just maybe... you'll leave with a Frozen tote bag.

Marvel Day (August 2)

You will bow at the feet of the almighty Stan Lee! Bring him burnt offerings of graphic novels and spelt! You know what... leave the spelt athome. But you better get your sweet butt to the store for the raffle of a SICK Marvel 75th anniversary print. Oh, and did we mention they're giving away... just GIVING AWAY... the breathtaking Art of the Amazing Spider-Man book. Tote bags, posters, and book marks (while supplies last)... ALL HAIL THE GREAT AND POWERFUL STAN!

James Patterson Day (August 3)

We love Maximum Ride! In addition to an exciting offer on James Patterson's books to be announced soon, we're giving out a limited number of free Maximum Ride posters!

Page and Screen (August 9-10)

Is the book better than the movie? Or is the movie better than the book? And what about the TV show? The answer: YES TO ALL! We love adaptations of any kind, and Barnes & Noble is celebrating those characters and stories that straddle more than one medium. There's going to be Doctor Who posters, Game of Thrones drink recipes (steer clear of the Wedding Wine Punch), Walking Dead sampler art, and much, much more!

What event are you looking forward to the most?
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