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Literary Classics Become Stunning Works Of Art On London Benches

Imagine walking through a city and suddenly coming along a bench, only it’s not the type of bench you’re used to seeing. Instead it looks like an open book, enlarged and painted with beautiful imagery from a literary classic. It’s enough to make anyone want to sit down and escape if just for a moment in the world of a book!

Anyone in London this summer won’t have to imagine a scenario like this, they'll get to live it. A new campaign called Books about Town from the National Literacy Trust and Wild in Art is bringing benches shaped like open books to the city. Like this Mary Poppins BookBench, each one is painted with amazing art from the stories. It’s a unique, fun way to promote reading.

See more of these beautiful benches and learn about the campaign on the following slides.

Photo by Chris O’Donovan for the National Literacy Trust

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