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The Top Unfinished Sci Fi And Fantasy Series!

The Top Unfinished Sci Fi And Fantasy Series!

Recently George R. R. Martin had some strong words for those who say he isn't going to finish the Song of Fire and Ice series before he dies. Unfortunately, not every sci-fi/fantasy series can be as lucky. Some were never finished, their characters left to float forever in stasis, unable to complete their quests. These are their stories.

Flashforward: This was a show on ABC where everyone on Earth suddenly passed out for three minutes. While they were under, they got a vision of what they'd be doing six months in the future from that exact time. It was an interesting conceit, as some people embraced the vision while others did everything they could to try and avoid their fate. An uneven show with some genuinely great moments, they managed to get to the moment everyone foresaw before the show was cancelled, but they ended on a cliff hanger right after everyone passed out again and got to see a vision from years in the future.

Stephen King's The Plant: Stephen was the king of e-bookery! In 2000, he started releasing a book about an author who receives a deadly plant after calling the police on a creepy magic man. The story was told through letters and memos and the like, and King released each section online for a dollar each, claiming that if the percentage of readers actually paying for it ever dropped below 75%, he would stop. Well, he was also the king of keeping his word, because that's what happened and the series was never finished. You can, however, now read the parts that were released for free from his web site.

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/Dirk Gently: Before he died, Douglas Adam's was writing a book called The Salmon of Doubt which he planning as part of his Dirk Gently series. He then decided it would work better as a Hitchhiker's novel and started switching things up but kept the title. It was later published in incomplete form after his death, meaning in a certain sense, he left two series unfinished, which honestly, deserves a certain level of respect.

The Fledgling Series/ The Parable Series: Speaking of authors who left two series unfinished, so did Octavia Butler! The first book of her Fledgling series ended on a cliff hanger, and she never finished the third book in her Parable series due to a seven year writer's block. It's a shame that... wait, a seven year writer's block? We don't mean to be rude but maybe just start a different book or something? That's not a block, it's a wall.

The Golden Globes Series: The Golden Globes series wins the Golden Globe for best unfinished trilogy about globes! In an interview with i09, the author John Varley said he hasn't started the third book yet since he "[doesn't] yet know what's going to happen" which is probably the best reason not to write something. He did say he knows he wants it to be about a cop, so he's pretty much halfway there.

C.S. Lewis's The Dark Tower: This was intended to be a sequel to C.S. Lewis's science fiction novel Out of the Silent Planet. The story concerned inter-dimensional travel, so pretty much just The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe again.

And now for our final entry, the most amazing, yet unfinished series is... sorry. We just hit a writer's block. We'll give you a heads up if we're any closer in fifteen years.

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