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5 Recent Sci-Fi Movies That Need Animated Series

5 Recent Sci-Fi Movies That Need Animated Series

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Making more waves than a Jaeger clobbering a kaiju in the ocean, director Guillermo del Toro threw the Internet another bone last week regarding the Pacific Rim animated series. Serving as a prequel to the franchise, the show will introduce new pilots and robots in what del Toro envisions as season-long arcs. Needless to say we’re rubbing our hands in eager anticipation, but this got us thinking: What other sci-fi movies in recent memory should have an animated adaptation of their own? Read on to find out!

 1) Prometheus/Alien

Prometheus’ relationship with the rest of the Alien films is akin to a moody teenager embarrassed of their parents—they don’t want to be caught dead associating with them, but at the end of the day they’re still family. That’s what made director Ridley Scott’s intent all the more confusing: Prometheus stands as its own story set within the Alien mythos (yet doesn't). Ambiguity surrounding the Engineers’ reasons for creating mankind, and no further elaboration on the Xenomorphs’ function as biological weapons, an animated spinoff series wouldn’t just be a logical commercial endeavor, but necessary. Weekly episodes would give the franchise room to fill in the gaps and eventually tie Prometheus to the Alien films proper, jumping between the ancient past and present.


2) RoboCop (2014)

We acknowledge the mutual sentiment that RoboCop’s 21st century reboot doesn’t even hold a candle to its forebear’s unapologetic trashiness and cult status, but there’s nothing to prevent it from getting an animated series—and sidestepping everything that made the movie a cinema stinker. Rather than creating a direct continuation (there’d be no one watching, we can promise you that), the cartoon would be a complete re-imagining, keeping one foot in what was actually enjoyable from 2014’s RoboCop (visual design, tone) while incorporating the elements that made the 1987 original such a pop culture classic. We’d watch that for a dollar!


 3) Star Trek (J.J. Abrams franchise)

The last time we were treated to a Star Trek animated series, it was 1973 and none of us were born to experience it. Star Wars has had plenty of cartoons over the years, so we think it’s only fair that Captain Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise return to television. Today's intended audience might not appreciate the slower narrative of Ray Bradbury’s original vision, so it would be sensible to adapt J.J. Abrams’ snappier, action-oriented rendition.


4) World War Z

You’d think that in a zombie-obsessed culture there’d be an animated drama series about the shambling masses of humanity’s destruction. Just because we haven’t seen one yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but if there’s one film that deserves a cartoon makeover, it’s World War Z. Wholesale chaos on a global scale. Ravenous hordes of the infected. There’s a lot our made-up series can work with, but what we’d like to see isn’t a focus on World War Z’s main cast. An alternative spotlight on other survivors and their own struggles, side stories, would be far more compelling and allow for unique opportunities, such as one character’s actions unknowingly contributing, for better or worse, to the movie’s course of events.


5) Guardians of the Galaxy

Too soon? Who cares! Guardians of the Galaxy hasn’t even opened in theaters yet, but if the overwhelming online hype is any reliable indicator, Marvel Studios might have another Avengers on its hands. As a result, it comes down to matter of when, not if, they decide to produce an animated series starring the dysfunctional team of galactic mavericks (hey, they’ve already guest-starred on Avengers Assemble). Guardians of the Galaxy lends itself to exotic locations and crazy adventures, and it’s that brand of variety which creates longevity—something every potential series aims for.


Which sci-fi movie would you like made into an animated series?

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