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The Most Underrated Batman Villains EVER

The Most Underrated Batman Villains EVER

To continue celebrating Batman's 75th anniversary and Get Pop Cultured's Batman Day, we at The MindHut are taking a moment to reflect on the massive amount of enemies the Dark Knight has accrued over the years. While the Joker, Penguin, and Riddler stand tall as the Caped Crusader's top-tier nemeses, their presence overshadows the lesser known members of his rogues gallery—most of them perfectly formidable, yet overlooked all the same. Because we at The MindHut believe everyone deserves a chance to shine, we're giving these second-stringers a spot in the limelight with our countdown of underrated Batman villains!

9) The Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker & Scarface)

At face value, Arnold Wesker and his wooden dummy Scarface don't come off as serious threats, but beneath the timid facade lies the heart of a hardened criminal. Once a meek and easily frightened man, Wesker came into the possession of Scarface—via violent means—during his stint at Blackgate Penitentiary. After his escape, Scarface became a medium for the angry aspect of his owner's dissociative identity disorder, oftentimes acting as the brains of the pair's dubious ventures (though some comics suggest that the dummy may in fact be sentient).

8) Catman

There's nothing more difficult for anyone in the DC universe than uttering Catman's name with a straight face. A laughing stock from day one, Catman suffered a humiliating succession of defeats and stinging mockery. Reduced to a blubbering, flabby wreck, he eventually stopped wallowing in self-pity and pieced his shattered dignity back together. Joining a team of rogue villains known as the Secret Six, Catman proved himself an asset thanks to his tracking and hand-to-hand combat skills.

7) The Terrible Trio

Individually working under the aliases Fox, Shark, and Vulture, the Terrible Trio are scientific and criminal geniuses hiding their identities beneath corresponding animal masks. Each specializing in a particular field of technology, the group committed crimes from the land, sea, and air—making it difficult to plan a proper defensive measure. Despite their notoriety and appearances in animated series, the Terrible Trio haven't been featured in the comics for years.

6) Cornelius Stirk

A bizarre product of late '80s Batman adventures, Cornelius Stirk is a hideous little monstrosity hungry for the fearful hearts of Gotham's citizens, convinced they are the keys to his survival. Stirk also wields an uncanny psychic ability wherein he can have others see him as an attractive figure such as Jesus Christ... or Abraham Lincoln (because life could stand to feel more like an episode of South Park).

5) Maxie Zeus

Far from being a cosplayer with delusions of grandeur, Maxie Zeus' pervasive obsession with Greek mythology belies his reputation as a brilliant gang leader and master criminal. Granted, some of his earlier exploits leaned on the goofy side (such as attempting to kidnap and wed a Greek athlete during the 1984 Olympics), but his influence in Gotham's underworld rivals even that of Penguin and Black Mask.

4) The Spook

Decapitated in egregious fashion by Batman's son Damian, the Spook had a pretty good career as a villain prior to his sudden execution. Formerly an escape artist by the name of Val Kaliban, the Spook used a bevy of gadgets and hypnotic techniques to create the appearance that he was an actual ghost. The pursuit of money underlying most of his schemes, the Spook would sometimes help incarcerated felons escape—for a price, of course.

3) The Dealer

The Dealer may be nothing more than a feeble geriatric with no powers whatsoever, but the wares he sells to Gotham City's societal elite earns him his status as an unscrupulous scoundrel. Running a clandestine auction called Mirror House, the Dealer collects and places villain memorabilia up for bid. On one notable occasion, the very crowbar Joker used to beat Batman's ill-fated ward Jason Todd was the item of the evening, sending the room into an anxious bidding war.

2) Anarky

His intentions, albeit slightly misguided, are noble, but the dangerous methods Anarky employs are enough to warrant the attention of Batman—and even the United States federal government. Inciting riots and hacking into corporate data banks, Anarky is the chaos to Bats' order, aiming for nothing less than spreading his gospel beyond Gotham's borders.

1) Dr. Hugo Strange

His disdain for Batman bordering on psychotic obsession, Dr. Hugo Strange is a corrupt psychologist that has tried to break down the Caped Crusader physically, mentally, and financially. And as if confronting his foe on all fronts wasn't evil enough for you, Strange even arrived at the conclusion that Batman was Bruce Wayne!

Did we miss any? Join the discussion in the comments!

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