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Stealth Cosplay: Summer Ladies' Gaming Edition

Modcloth/ASOS/American Eagle/H&M/Etsy


Not all of us are lucky enough to visit San Diego Comic Con, that seething mecca of nerd-dom (Sparkitor Josh is ON HIS WAY RIGHT NOW!). But in the meantime, we have the power to secretly, subtly cosplay as our gaming favorites all year long. That power: fashion.

You can use similar pieces you already have in your wardrobe, or scoop these up with some hard-earned summer job dough. You can also join in the real fun, Stealth Cosplay Week, every January.

All pics are used with permission from our BFFs at Modcloth, ASOS, American Eagle, H&M, and Etsy, who were kind enough to let us fanfic them into this slideshow.

Tags: fashion, slideshows, halo, comic con, gaming, cosplay, metroid, bioshock: infinite, these aren't my real eyeballs at all, tomb raider

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