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COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVE: A Definitive Answer About Star Wars EU!

COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVE: A Definitive Answer About Star Wars EU!


There's been an awful lot of talk about the fact that the Star Wars Extended Universe is being, by and large, jettisoned. There has been rumblings about "old canon" and "new canon." And the good people at Del Rey, the arm of Random House Publishing that are the publishers of all the official Star Wars fiction, have something to say about that. And it might surprise you!

"There is no 'old canon," Keith Clayton, Associate Publisher at Del Rey told us, "There is only 'canon.'"

So, you are probably asking yourselves the same question we were... what about the old stories that are not part of the story any longer.

"The old EU," Keith went on to explain, "is now 'Legend.'"

Legend, as in Paul Bunyon and his big blue ox-style legend. As in "there probably was at one point in time many years ago, a man named Paul who had an ox and he was big and strong so people started telling stories about him, then those stories became tall tales, then those tall tales became legends." And, if you really think about it, that may be the absolute best way possible to still honor the old and solidify the new.

Keith went on to tell us that Del Rey doesn't want to close any doors to stories from the old books. Heck, Coruscant wouldn't have ever made it into the first three episodes if it hadn't been for EU. But Lucasfilms, Del Rey, and all the other companies involved in the Star Wars mega-project are now on one track, telling one huge and epic mapped out story that is planned all the way through 2019. The books will feed into the movies which will feed into the TV shows... and all of it will work as one big, awesome, light sabre-wielding machine.

And as for the rest of the great material from those older books and shows that we loved. Well, legends are always great for telling over a toasty campfire on a cold, Hoth evening.

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