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COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Writer Brian K. Vaughan

COMIC CON EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Writer Brian K. Vaughan

If you've read comic books in the last decade, then you have at least HEARD OF Y: The Last Man, the apocalyptic tale of a world where all men suddenly die at the exact same moment, except for one (un)lucky fella. It was one of our bestest, most favoritest stories to come along in a long while. More recently, he's been writing the equally amazing Saga over at Image Comics. We sat down with Brian to talk to him about his inspirations (and frustrations) in the biz of comics.

There were rumors years ago that Y: The Last Man was going to be made into... something? A movie or a TV show. Which he found ironic.

"When I first started writing it, I wanted to make a book that couldn't be a TV show or movie," Brian said, adding, "but then again, George RR Martin got burnt out writing for TV and said he wanted to write a series of fantasy novels that couldn't be made into a show. Then look what happened!"

While a Y movie or show might still happen at some point (he said, hopefully, something "might" happen in 2015), Brian was quick to tell us not to hold our breath.

The experience of writing Saga however, has been a much more rewarding one. With no desire to sell the rights to any studios, he's worked on a story that he feels more in control of. And working with Image "is a dream," as he describes it.

Not content to simply write two of the most critically acclaimed series in modern comics, however, Brian has now branched out into the digital realm with his new project, Private Eye. This digital comic is available on and is "pay what you want." While this may sound crazy, Brian explained to us that part of his frustration with modern comics is the higher price point, and he wanted to give everyone a chance to read this new project for as much or as little as they are able to spend.

Private Eye takes place in a future where the cloud that stores all of the private information in the world essentially "bursts." Every mean text, every terrible picture, and every incriminating email is now out in the public and everyday people are forced to walk the streets in disguise for fear of being recognized for the not-so-secretly depraved citizens that they are. Which immediately made us erase our backlog of saved text messages!

This is, by no means, a surrender of the traditional, print medium. "I'm a print junky," Brian said, "and I will never abandon it, but I want to get this comic into as many hands as possible."

The seventh issue of Private Eye is available now online.

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