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I Went Into the (Oculus Rift) Storm at Comic Con and LIVED TO TELL

I Went Into the (Oculus Rift) Storm at Comic Con and LIVED TO TELL

I've wanted to do Oculus Rift since I saw the video of the guy in a Russian mall falling all over the place with a visor on his face. It's the nauseatingly real virtual reality that we were promised twenty years ago, and now it's here, and I want to get dizzy from looking around a fake room that doesn't exist. Well, at SDCC, the upcoming Warner Brothers movie Into the Storm is letting normal, everyday people off the street experience the amazing-ness of the OcRift (which is what I call it now) by putting them into the middle of a TORNADO.

"Why would you want to do this," you ask?

Once upon a time in the 1990s there was a movie called Twister and it was super, duper, mega-dumb. And that hurt my feelings because the trailer looked SO COOL. YOU GUYS, THERE WAS A TRACTOR THAT GOT TOSSED INTO THE CAMERA BY A TORNADO. And then the movie happened with lots of lines and story and plot and everything got ruined.

Into the Storm looks about twenty times better. Mostly because it looks like there's about twenty times the tornadoes in it.

So I walked into the booth, sat down, put on the goggles and earphones, and had my MIND BLOWN OUT OF THE BACK OF MY HEAD.

You can watch a video of what I saw here, but you won't get the full effect. As the rain started blowing, the wind in the room picked up as well. As the thunder crashed, the seat I sat on shook. And, sure enough, when I looked over my shoulder, there were the two dum-dums who had gotten themselves stuck in a drainage pipe while a tornado and several trucks were pelted at them.

I'm not sure I'm going to run out into an open field (or a drainage pipe) the next time there's a tornado, but I now feel like being a tad more dangerous in my everyday life after coming so close to virtual death. In fact, there's a carton of milk two days past the expiration date in my fridge and it's got my name written. All. Over. It.

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