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Book Brooches Let You Keep Your Favorite Classics Close To Your Heart

How many times have you re-read your favorite classic novel or marked a page that had a particular quote you just can’t get enough of? Maybe you love it so much you even carry the book with you to read or reference at a moment’s notice! If you want to keep a bit of these books with you but save some room in your bag and maybe even be stylish about it, House of Ismay has the answer.

House of Ismay creator Sarah makes beautiful, classic book brooches. Each one is made of pages from worn out copies of books like Lord of the Flies and has a specific shape related to the story. Even if your friends can't guess the book by the shape, the words on each brooch just might be familiar to them. On the following slides check out more brooches offering a unique way you can show your love for the classics!

Credit: House of Ismay

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