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The WEIRDEST Conventions You've (Probably) Never Heard Of!

The WEIRDEST Conventions You've (Probably) Never Heard Of!

So Comic Con has come and gone, which means it's time to fawn over the trailers, speculate on on all the hints dropped by creators, and learn about other weird cons from around the world that you may or may not have heard of. Oh, you didn't know it was time for that? Well good thing we're here because these are some weird cons you may not have known about:

The Association of Lincoln Presenters

It turns out there are a lot more Abraham Lincolns than you originally thought. Well, at least a lot more Lincoln impersonators. And they all meet up in Vandalia, Illinois every year. What's Vandalia you ask? It's the city Lincoln got his law license in, because the city Lincoln was born in (Hodgenville, Kentucky) would be too obvious. And yes, there are also Mary Todd impersonators to join them. Let's just hope the John Wilkes Booth Presenters one town over don't get word of this!

Lebowski Fest

How much do you love the movie The Big Lebowski? Enough to own the DVD? Enough to wear a Lebowski t-shirt? Enough to make people call you "The Dude?" Well you don't really love The Big Lebowski until you've been to Lebowski Fest, a convention for people who saw The Big Lebowski and said "can that be my life?" Based off the website, it seems to mostly be bowling.

The Ohio Valley Filk Festival

Apparently "filk" is folk music with a sci-fi twist, and not a mold that grows on the bottom of the fridge like we had originally assumed. Each year, various filk musicians meet up in Columbus, Ohio to share their songs. Still wondering what exactly that sounds like? Well apparently this is an example of filk music. It sounds kinda cool, like something Ziggy Stardust would write when he's sleepy:

Mer Con

You'll never guess which mythical creature this convention is based around unless you guessed mermaid in which case you got it immediately! A bunch of people dressed like mermaids gather in Vegas and there's a big pageant where a winner is crowned! Still not enough pretending to be a mermaid for you? Well then you can also sign up for mermaid camp!

Twins Days Festival

For some reason, nearly every weird festival takes place in Ohio. The Twins Days Festival, in addition to being slightly grammatically awkward, is a time for twins and greater multiples of all sorts to gather. They even elect a set of kings and set of queens who presumably rule over all twins in the entire world until the next festival. Unfortunately, the FAQ on the site says you can't bring your pets, even if they are twins.

The International Cake Exploration Societe

What if we told you there was a whole convention just for cake decorating? Would that change everything? Well hold on to your dessert forks because because that's exactly what the International Cake Exploration Societe is. How appropriate that the name would be a MOUTHFUL. Anyway, click over to the site to see pretty cake pictures.

Which of these festivals would you like to check out?

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