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We Got to Watch a Sneak Peak of The Awesomes Season 2 on Hulu!

We Got to Watch a Sneak Peak of The Awesomes Season 2 on Hulu!

Hulu recently invited us to watch and review a special pre-screening of The Awesomes: Season 2. We hadn’t seen any of Season 1 and were very impressed by the Season 2 premier! The Awesomes is clever, funny, and original. The characters are compelling enough that we turned to early episodes for more backstory. This is what you need to know...

In season 1, an awkward young man faces controversy as he overtakes his father’s business: The greatest superhero team in the world! Jason Awesome (Superhero alias Prock) is the try-hard “everyman” version of a hero. While struggling to prove himself, Prock battles monsters, villains, government auditors and his own insecurities. He is aided by a loyal band of misfits who clumsily save the day while continuously providing laughs.

These well-derived characters are much of what makes the show worth watching. A surprisingly high-profile comedian voices each one. Bobby Lee is Sumo. Kenan Thompson is Impresario. Rashida Jones is Hotwire. There’s also Bill Hader as the just-crazy-enough villain who may reappear in future episodes. All comedians do a mastery job of delivering in the format.

Watchability could also be credited to original writing. The story is told in comic book form with dramatic plot twists, dynamic character backgrounds, and a continuing series of challenges. The suspense is gripping but not tedious. Any tension is quickly relieved by a funny gag or a witty punch line.

The 22-minute episodes feel a lot more focused than some other slapstick animation that's on television now. For those reasons, we'll probably keep watching.

Season 2 picks up where the first left off. The Awesomes are bothered by freelance superheroes and media relations. There are also some new heroes and villains with interesting potential. The premier ends with a cliffhanger that may take the entire season to resolve. You can watch for yourself August 4 on Hulu.

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