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Elemental Action Figures And Barbie With A Bow: See These Empowering Toys For Girls

“Each Element is also representative of a character trait we all have inside of us to some degree. We believe magic and fantasy are important part of the power of play, and have also taken care to have the figures be personifications of the Powers, rather than actual people. They are not Betty Bravery or Pattie Persistence. They are fierce and bold personifications of distinct Elements, each with their own super power to draw upon,” Kerwin said. “For instance, Bravery has the ability to create a protective force field around herself and others, and Honesty [pictured here] can make others tell the truth. Those powers and the fierce female figures themselves we hope will spark hours of play and allow girls to place themselves at the center of an active storyline where they can save the world — together. One of our guiding principles is: ‘If you give a girl a different toy, she will tell a different story.’”

According to Kerwin they will build out these Elements of Power in future series. Their second series will focus on the Core Power of Wisdom. The plan is for each series to represent the Elemental parts of the power.

Credit: IAmElemental

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