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Elemental Action Figures And Barbie With A Bow: See These Empowering Toys For Girls

Jim Rodda’s Faire Play Battle Set for Barbie is another exciting new option for toys. The idea grew from his plan to create for his niece My Little Pony glitter cannons. However he had trouble creating a spring that would last under repeated use.

“My head was already in the ‘girly-toys’ space, so it wasn't all that big a leap to get to Barbie. My mind tends towards medieval-ish designs; I attribute this tendency to a lifetime of concentrated nerdery. Lots of Dungeons and Dragons, Renaissance Faires, and Magic: the Gathering in my past,” Rodda told the MindHut. “As Faire Play evolved I saw its potential as a vehicle for getting girls involved in STEM (Science technology engineering and math). My hope is that some girls download the armor and develops an interest in 3D printing. The 3D printing process is still arcane enough that any kid who gets into it is by necessity going to have to learn a lot about troubleshooting and problem solving, not to mention math and programming.”

The three sets of 3D-printable files include the Athena makeover kit, the Faire Play parade armor, and the Faire Play field plate armor.

Credit: Jim Rodda/Zheng3

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