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12 Dumb Shark Week Shark Facts!

12 Dumb Shark Week Shark Facts!

It’s Shark Week! This is The Discovery Channel’s annual barrage of programming dedicated to an animal the majority of humans will never encounter. However, THEY ROCK. So we are sending irrelevant facts and information flying towards you like a swirling Sharknado of knowledge! And like sharks to chum, you will eat it up. Here are 12 DUMB SHARK WEEK SHARK FACTS.

-There are over 350 shark species and none of them are horses.

-The Megamouth Shark wasn't discovered until 1976. Since then, there have only been 41 sightings. Its limited edition hologram is even more rare!

-Great white sharks eat 11 tons of food per year! The average human only eats half a ton. The average American eats 16 tons.

-Sharks have an extra organ that heats their eyes in cold water. Please nobody tell Dr. Evil how close this sounds to a shark with a friggin laser beam attached to it!

-The shark’s only natural predator is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

-Six years before Spielberg's Jaws was released, Burt Reynolds starred in a similar film entitled, Shark! Live sharks were used in the movie and a stuntman was killed… by Burt Reynolds.

-The first nurse shark pup to develop out of a liter eats its siblings as they hatch. This makes your older brother’s nuggies seem like a hug in comparison.

-Galeophobia is the fear of sharks. It is also known as “common sense.”

-“Bring Your Shark To Work Day” is most bosses’ absolute least favorite part of Shark Week.

-Sharks have been on Earth for 64 million years. They outlived dinosaurs, cavemen, AND the Harlem Shake (Remember that? Yeah, we don't either).

-Sharks have an incredible sense of smell! They can detect one drop of blood in a million drops of water. This makes farting in the ocean that much more hilarious!

-The Discovery Channel is wrong. Shark not weak. SHARK STRONG!

What else do you know about sharks?

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