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Marvel Fumbles the Feminism Ball Again: No Black Widow Movie

Marvel Fumbles the Feminism Ball Again: No Black Widow Movie

Lucy, the butt-kicking action movie about a drug mule who accidentally ingests a powerful substance that gives her access to massive amounts of her brain capacity, opened this summer to a 44 million dollar weekend. One of the biggest openings of the summer! You would think that this would make the Marvel Studios execs water at the mouth at the idea of putting this obvious box office draw into a solo Avengers spin-off movie. Duh, right? Wrong.

According to Nicole Perlman, the writer of Guardians of the Galaxy, she wrote a treatment for a Black Widow movie (a treatment is a description of everything that happens in the script, basically) but they aren't interested because everyone at Marvel "has a lot on their plates." Too busy to make a crap ton of money?

And speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, there's been a noticeable lack of merchandise for the movie featuring the character Gamora, played by a bright green Zoe Saldana. So much so, that it's being mentioned everywhere from hardcore fan sites like Geek With Curves, to The Mary Sue.

We attended the Women of Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con this year, and the Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso, did little to quell the mounting call for more of a female presence in high profile talent at the publisher. When asked why only 11% of the high profile writers and artists (or "above the line talent" as it is called in the biz) was female, he said "I don't want to get talking about statistics or what-have-you, but we're sort of the big leagues. We play a certain game, and that game is telling superhero comics. We have financial imperatives that drive us. We run our business a certain way."

How is having more female writers and artists on staff a risk when 44% of the audience for Guardians has been female? It's time for Marvel to stop pretending to protect some imaginary bottom line and start serving the audience that actually exists which is becoming more and more female every day.

What do you think?

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