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An Adventure Time Backstory Airs This Thursday

An <i>Adventure Time</i> Backstory Airs This Thursday

Cartoon Network / YouTube

We have officially pitched tents in our basements (midnight-release-style) wherein we will remain until Thursday night at 7 EST when Cartoon Network airs a new Adventure Time episode featuring an elaborate backstory about Finn and Jake's parents, Joshua and Margaret.

If you haven't seen Adventure Time, we want to forewarn you that the highly addictive 11-minute long episodes will only draw you deeper and deeper into a vortex of nonsensical humor, psychedelic graphics, mysteriously sharp non sequiturs, and a storyline that will equally entice both cats and humans. If you don't believe us, ask the entire internet. Originally produced as a YouTube short back in 2006, Adventure Time went viral a year later and landed its genius creator, Pendleton Ward, a sweet deal with Cartoon Network. Since then, it has won about a bajillion awards, which comes as no surprise because our beloved heroes, Finn and Jake, are quite possibly our favorite dog-human duo in all of history.

You can image why we spit our kombucha all over the keyboard when the SDCC released a sneak peek of a rare backstory. Feast your eyes, ears, and cerebral cortexes:

Just when we thought this show couldn't get any more mathematical, we learn here that Joshua and Margaret are a savvy husband-wife detective duo. Despite Joshua's hesitations, a very pregnant but steadfastly spunky Margaret (a "tough and stringy" woman indeed!) insists that she continue to solve mysteries so that the couple can provide for their unborn son. Little do they know that a real, live human will one day factor into the picture; a joining of forces that will alter the fate of the Land of Ooo forever... but we digress. The best one-liner in the clip comes at the very end when the couple decide on a case to pursue and Joshua says, "now let's get an egg in our shoe and beat it!" We are resigned to believe our brains will never come close to that level of clever.

What do you expect in the new episode?

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