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Artist Reimagines Disney Characters in Steampunk Style

Disney inspires a lot of fan art, but you’ve probably never seen Disney characters quite like this before. This interesting series by Canadian artist Cynthia, known as MecaniqueFairy on deviantART, combines the unique elements of steampunk with some of our favorite characters.

“When I discovered steampunk, I literally fell in love with this style and I wanted to create designs of clothing with that style. But designing clothes just for designing clothes I found a little bit boring, I wanted a theme,” she told the MindHut. “So I thought it would be more interesting to draw them for a character, his personality and his history. I took the Disney characters because I love them and I found it fun to reimagine their stories in a steampunk version in the same time that I imagine for them new costumes.”

She’s reimagined many characters from the classics to more recent ones like Hercules’ Hades and Rapunzel from Tangled, both pictured here. On the following slides see more characters reimagined in awesome steampunk styles!

Credit: MecaniqueFairy

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