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Show Your Book Love With These Temporary Literary Tattoos

There are a ton of fun ways to show off your love and appreciation of the written word. Some, like jewelry and clothing, are more stylish than others, but soon there might be an even more unique way to display your love of a particular book: not on your sleeve, but on your skin!

A Kickstarter campaign by Litographs would like to create a new line of temporary literary tattoos. Litographs already has a number of book-inspired items including T-shirts, posters, and more.

“At Litographs, we're always looking for new ways to create art from literature, and to give readers new ways to express their passion for books. These temporary tattoos are a natural extension of our current product line,” the company’s founder Danny Fein told the MindHut.

The temporary tattoo line will include phrases from books in a variety of genres. Discover the temporary tattoo quotes you might soon be able to wear on the following slides!

Credit: Litographs

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