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Bubbline Is REAL, Yo

Bubbline Is REAL, Yo

Cartoon Network / Adventure Time Wikia

Something that is the greatest: When voice actors we adore confirm our deepest dreams about the characters they play. What's that? You'd like an example? WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ASKED, PRECIOUS WONDER BABIES.

Olivia Olson, the voice behind Adventure Time's Marceline confirmed in a recent panel at Barnes and Noble that her sultry, singing vampire queen persona and the show's other resident hottie (with a brain that won't quite), Princess Bubblegum, TOTALLY DATED back in the day. That's right: Princess Bubblegum and Marceline were an item. Bubbline is SEAWORTHY!

BUT WAIT. Before you begin screaming with the happy and never stop, Olson posted a quasi-redaction on her Twitter. To make matters even more confusing, she redacted her redaction? DOUBLE REDACTION, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Canon-wise, they are platonic, but as far as WE'RE concerned, Olson said it, and thus it is true. There are some good reasons for the kerfuffle after her original comment—chief among them the fact that Adventure Time airs in some countries where homosexuality is still considered illegal. But if Marceline and Bubblegum did date, here are a bunch of things we're pretty sure they did together as a couple.

1. They hired BMO as a relationship advisor

Oh sure, BMO may not be technically "licensed," but with those dulcet tones and adorable presence, we're pretty sure just sitting around the guy for an hour would be soothing.

2. They punk'd The Ice King

Nothing says love like convincing the Ice King that you want to go on a triple date with him.

3. They had all the picnics!

Oh mercy. We can think of nothing cuter in this sweet world than Marceline, Bubblgum, Finn and Jake enjoying snacks together. Oh wait, yes we can: The snacks are prepared by Tree Trunks. Boom. Did it. Too adorable to exist.

4. They penned a bunch of duets together

Both girls can get their sing on, and you know any ballads they penned for each other would be awesome-sauce beyond description.

5. They mocked other half-vampire couples

Bubble and Marceline are in for the night. They decide to watch a movie. The movie that they decide to watch is Twilight. They laugh all the way through and the decide to go as Bella and Edward for Halloween.

Hands up if Bubbline are your OTP!

[via The Mary Sue]

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