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Give Your Room A Geeky Scent With These Fandom-Inspired Candles!

Whether you love spending time playing video games, watching TV, reading comic books, or partaking in some other form of geeky awesomeness, it's likely you've tried to express your passion for a particular fandom in a bunch of different ways. You've probably done this by putting up posters or displaying figurines, but have you ever considered making your space smell geeky?

Cathy Cogar, creator of Bubble and Geek, has a line of geeky candles with scents that will finally allow you to embrace how your fandom smells. From The Legend of Zelda to Harry Potter, Cogar has a candle for you!

Learn more about how she creates these geeky candles and see more fun scents that can transport you to your fandom's universe on the following slides.

Credit: Bubble and Geek

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